VolksWagen Bus (combi Van) VW microbus
VolksWagen Bus (combi Van) VW microbus
Steve Travers
Price: $6.45


A makeMZ ST original 3D puzzle
included in Design Set One

Peace man! This really cool makeMZ ST Model of a Volkswagen BUS comes in 3 scales both metric and inch sizes and also in two versions,
Laser ready and CNC Router ready with dogbone fillets for a good tight fit on those square joints.
Take a trip back to those heady days and construct this really groovey 3D puzzle today.
Far out baby !!!

Comes in:

1/8th inch
1/4 inch
1/2 inch


Both clean and filleted corner versions.


The VW Kombi Van - "Flower Power"

The Volkswagen Type 2, is known officially as the Transporter,Kombi and
Microbus. The US informally called it the "Bus" and the UK informally called
it the "Camper". It is a Panel Van introduced in 1950 by German Automaker
Volkswagon as it's second car model after they had created Type 1, the VW
Beetle, or Bug. The Type 2, or VW Kombi Van, gave rise to forward control
competitors in the US in the 1960's, including the Ford Econoline, the Dodge
A100 and the Chevie Corvair 95 Corvan. The European competition included the
FF Layout Renault Estafette and the FR Layout Ford Transit.
This Kombi Van has received numerous nicknames like the Microbus, Minibus and
the Hippie Van.  The Type 2, or VW Kombi Van, was among the first "Forward Control"
vans in which the driver was placed above the front roadwheels. This van also
was unique because it was rear engined. This made it advantageous in traction and
interior noise. This van was available as a Panel Van which was a delivery van without
side windows or rear seats. There were many Type 2's available including the Samba Bus
with skylight windows and a cloth sunroof.
This was a unique and highly popular van that you have to add to your collection today!

Comes with a Full Color Multi-Page Assembly Guide!

Copyright on this model allows you to make 50 copies then you must purchase another copy.
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