Thompson Submachine Gun  (Rubberband powered Gun)
Thompson Submachine Gun (Rubberband powered Gun)
Steve Travers
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Fires a wood Bullet


 Althought this replica is a toy any toy that fires a projectile can injure or be dangerous
if you make this toy pleae use with caution

The Thompson Submachine Gun or Tommy Gun ( Rubberband Powered Gun)

The Thompson is an American submachine gun, invented by John T. Thompson in 1919, that became infamous during the Prohibition era. It was a common sight in the media of the time, being used by both law enforcement officers and criminals.The Thompson was also known informally as: the "Tommy Gun", "Trench Broom", "Trench Sweeper", "Chicago Typewriter", "Chicago Piano", "Chicago Style", "Chicago Organ Grinder", and "The Chopper".
The Thompson was favored by soldiers, criminals, police and civilians alike for its ergonomics, compactness, large .45 ACP cartridge, reliability, and high volume of automatic fire. It has since gained popularity among civilian collectors for its historical significance.

Color Assembly Guide Included

For Laser or Scroll Saw cutting.
Can be cut on CNC Router but some filing and or sanding will be required on inside corners.
Small router bits 1/16th will be needed.

This Gun from our designer Steve T does not need springs or Bolts nut or screws to make
just cut glue and assmeble and you are ready to go

comes in four scales both metric and inch
1/4 inch  and 6mm 1/8th and 3mm
also files for CNCRouter version with Dogbone fillets