The Snowmobile
The Snowmobile
Steve Travers
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The Snowmobile



A snowmobile, also known as a snowmachine, or sled, is a land vehicle designed for winter travel on snow. Designed to be operated on snow and ice, they do not require a specific road or trail. Design variations enable some machines to operate in deep snow or forests.  Most are used on open terrain, including frozen lakes, or driven on paths or trails. Usually designed to accommodate two people, their use is very similar to a motorcycle and an all-terrain vehicle (ATVs) designated for winter use on snowy ground and frozen ponds and waterways. They do not have any enclosures except for a windshield and their engine normally drives a continuous track or tracks at the rear; skis at the front provide directional control.
Early snowmobiles used rubber tracks, but modern snowmobiles typically have tracks made of a Kevlar composite. Originally snowmobiles were typically powered by two-stroke gasoline/petrol internal combustion engines. Four-stroke engines are becoming more and more common in snowmobiles, primarily to address environmental complaints.
Originally intended as a winter utility vehicle to be used where motor vehicles cannot go, they appealed to hunters and workers transporting personnel and material across snow-covered land, frozen lakes and rivers. In the latter part of the 20th century, they have been put to use for recreational purposes as well. People who ride them commonly are known as snowmobilers. The contemporary types of recreational riding forms are known as snowcross/racing, trail riding, freestyle, mountain climbing, boondocking, carving, ditchbanging and grass drags. Summertime activities for snowmobile enthusiasts include drag racing on grass, asphalt strips, or even across water. The challenges of transporting people and their possessions cross-country during the winter season drove the invention of the snowmobile, an all-terrain vehicle specifically designed for travel across deep snow where other vehicles floundered. During the 20th century, rapidly evolving designs produced machines that were most commonly two-person tracked vehicles powered by gas engines that enabled them to tow a sled or travel, initially at low-to-moderate speeds, depending on snow conditions, terrain and the presence of obstacles protruding above the snow, including brush and trees. The origin of the snowmobile is not the work of any one inventor but more a process of advances in engines for the propulsion of vehicles and supporting devices over snow. It parallels the development of the automobile and later aviation, often inventors using the same components for a different use.
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