The Small Compact Car (plasma)
The Small Compact Car (plasma)
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Ready to cut downloadable 3D puzzle files for your CNC plasma cutter or Metal cutting laser machine in both Imperial Sheet Steel gauges as well as Metric sizes for the global CNC hobbyist.


Files include a full color assembly manual.

The Small Compact Car

A Compact Car, or Small Family Car in British acceptation, is a
classification of cars that are larger than a subcompact car but
smaller than a mid-size car, equating roughly to the C-segment in
Europe. Current compact car size, for US and international models
respectively, is approximately 161 inches long for hatchbacks or
173 inches long for convertibles, sedans or station wagons. Multi-
purpose vehicles and sport utility vehicles based on small family cars
often have similar sizes, ranging from 165 inches in the US and from
173-185 inches in international-based models. Compact Car is a largely
North American term denoting an automobile smaller than a mid-size car,
but larger than a subcompact variant. In North America, currently the
compact segment has a significant share of 16% of US market. This segment
is dominated by non-American models from Toyota Group, Honda Group and
Hyundai together with its controlled Kia, through successful models as
Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Elantra and Kia Forte. The Ford
Focus and Chevrolet Cruze are successful American compacts. Although small
cars had been made in the United States before World War II, the compact
class was introduced in 1950 when Nash introduced a Convertible Rambler.
The modern compact class was greatly expanded between 1958 and 1960 when
the Studebaker Lark, Chevrolet Corvair, Ford Falcon and Plymouth Valiant
were brought to the market previously dominated by the Rambler American.
These models also gave rise to compact vans that were sized similarly to
the Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus and were based from the Falcon, Corvair and
Valiant automobile platforms.
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High quality 3D Metal Art from makeCNC

These Plasma patterns are not simple copies of our Router patterns they have been redrawn to create new scales and slots specially for Plasma.

If you purchase our Router patterns you will NOT get the same results if you just scale them up or down in size due to slot sizes being at a different scale factor for Metal working.

Includes the following Sheet Steel Gauge slot size patterns in the scales from small to Giant size.

DXF File Format

10,12,14 and 16 gauge small size Model
10,12,14, and 16 gauge Medium Size Model
10,12,14 and 16 gauge large size Model

3mm,2.5mm,2mm,1.5mm small size Model
3mm,2.5mm.2mm.1.5mm Medium size Model
3mm,2.5mm,2mm,1.5mm Large Size Model

DXF File Format

Please Note: If you have any issues with your download or miss the red download button available after checkout Email us

All our plasma patterns  come in three scale sizes and will be in the industry standard DXF file format. This is not slot sizes for thickness of material so don't be confused. The slot sizes will start at 12 gauge imperial sheet steel size of .1046 and will go up and down from there. The same will apply as metric equivilants.

The first and smallest model size will be based on our 1/8th inch CNC router and laser patterns. Typically these patterns have parts no larger than 8.5 X 11 inches or 214 mm X 280mm at .1250 inches and the finished model is usually around 12 to 14 inches in length and height. The slots will have scales of 10,12, 14 and 16 Gauge as well as their metric sheet steel equivilants and the smallest size model will come from the 16 gauge and get larger as you go down the gauge scale.

The second size will be based on our .25 or 1/4 inch router/C02 laser patterns. These are typically twice the size of the .1250 patterns so you can double the size from 12 to 14 inch models to 24 X 28 or there abouts BUT this is where plasma is different than wood in that we keep our slot sizes the same as in the small scale models again being 10,12, 14 and 16 gauge and their metric equivilents.

The third size again follows the same formula as the first and second sizes but in this case is based on our .5 or half inch patterns and still uses the thinner gauge slots for sheet steel. When using this set of files be prepared to create giant Dinosaurs and creatures of all kinds. Perhaps even a Monster size Spitfire Aircraft or American Bison.

Ready to cut downloadable 3d puzzle files for your CNC plasma cutter or Metal cutting laser machine in both Imperial Sheet Steel gauges as well as Metric sizes for the global CNC hobbyist.

Files include a full color assembly manual.

High quality 3D Metal Art form makeCNC

Includes the following Sheet Steel Gauge slot size patterns in the scales from small to Giant size.

All the hard work is done!

Makecnc is excited to bring to the CNC hobbyist a new and ever-expanding library of art and projects made ready-to-cut on your CNC Plasma or metal cutting Laser machine

You can either sell the cut out projects as your own product or assemble them for your own enjoyment and to give as gifts to your family and friends.


All downloadable products are copyright and may not be copied or redistributed in any format other than actual material products made from the supplied files.
Assembly PDF files may be sold as printed copies only along with a product made from the supplied files.

Unless otherwise stated in the documentation and product description you may make as many hard products as you like from your files with no royalty to the designer.