The Rare Rhinoceros
The Rare Rhinoceros
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The Rhinoceros

The Rhinoceros, or Rhino, is a group of five extant species of knee-less,
odd-toed ungulates in the family Rhinocerotidae. Two of these species are
native to Africa and three to southern Asia. Members of the Rhinoceros
family are characterized by their large size (they are some of the largest
remaining Megafauna, with all the species able to reach one ton or more in
weight) as well as by a Herbivorous diet, a thick protective skin, formed
from layers of collagen positioned in a lattice structure, relatively small
brains for mammals this size and a large horn. They generally eat leafy
material, although their ability to ferment food in their hindgut allows
them to subsist on more fibrous plant matter, if necessary. Unlike other
Perissodactyls, the African species of Rhinoceros lack teeth at the front of
their mouths, relying instread on their powerful premolar and molar teeth
to grind up plant food.
Rhinoceros are killed by humans for their horns, which are bought and sold
on the black market, and which are used by some cultures for ornamental or
medicinal purposes. The horns are made of Keratin, the same type of protein
that makes up hair and fingernails. Both African species and the Sumatran
Rhinoceros have two horns, while the Indian and Javan Rhinoceros have a single
horn. Three of their species are Critically Endangered. Very, very sad.
The Javan Rhinoceros is one of the Rarest and Most Endangered large mammal
anywhere in the world. According to 2002 estimates, only about 60 remain, in
Kava and Vietnam.
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