The Indian Elephant - 3018 Series
The Indian Elephant - 3018 Series
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The Indian Elephant

A makeCNC Original 3D Puzzle 
This Puzzle is Part of our Brand New 3018 Series.

This is a Great Pattern that will provide Lots of Fun!


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Over the past few years there has been a huge number of new comers to the CNC Hobby. This is due in great part to the rise of 3D Printers which caused the tooling up in China and other places of many factories to inexpensively produce the parts that allow CNC movement like stepper motors, control boards and also the rails, screws and bearings to make CNC tools available at a much lower price point.

One of these was a very inexpensive 3018 costing often less than a couple of hundred dollars for the machine.

These have become known as the 3018 meaning they can cut in an area of 300 x 180 mm or 11.8 inches x 7 inches. These small CNC machines can cut using a spindle or a laser attachment. They usually comes as a kit and are simple to assemble and an excellent way to get into the hobby.

They have their limits so don't expect to be using one to start a business or get into production but as an intro to CNC and a fun way to make all sorts of items. They are the perfect place to begin.

You can find many examples of them for sale on the internet but the best option is SainSmart as they build a good quality machine and have great customer service.

So here today is our pattern designed especially for the 3018 CNC Machines.

COMING SOON:  You will be able find video tutorials soon on how to use our patterns with the machine on our You Tube Channel. We will Update you as we put them up.

The Indian Elephant

Elephants are the largest living terrestrial animals. Male African elephants can reach a height of 13 feet and weigh as much as 15,000 pounds. These animals have several distinctive features, including a long proboscis or trunk that they use for numerous purposes, particularly for grasping objects. The ear flaps are particularly large and help to control the temperature of their massive bodies. Their incisors grow into large tusks, which serve as tools for moving objects and digging, as well as weapons for fighting. African elephants have larger ears and concave backs while Asian elephants have smaller ears and a convex back.
Elephants are intelligent, and have been compared to primates and cetaceans in this regard. They appear to have self-awareness and show empathy for dying or dead individuals of their kind. African elephants are listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, while the Asian elephant is considered to be endangered. One of the biggest threats to elephant populations is the ivory trade, as the animals are poached for their ivory tusks.

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