The Cruiser Warship
The Cruiser Warship
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All puzzles  now have not only Laser versions but we
have added a Router version as well. The Router versions have Dog
Bone Fillets to compensate for the cutter used that do not allow
sharp internal corners. Please see our learning pages if you are
unfamiliar with Dog Bone Fillets in CNC Routing. Scrollsaw users
would use the Laser versions.

The Cruiser Warship

moving gun Turrets

Drawn from the ground up with over 3 weeks of work in this project. Every part tested and fits perfect.


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Cruiser Warships range in size from a size smaller than a Battleship
but larger than a Destroyer.
In 1922, the Washington Naval Treaty placed a formal limit on Cruisers,
which were defined as Warships of up to 10,000 tons displacement carrying
guns no larger than 8 inches in calibre.  After World War II they became
classified as Capital ships.  In the late 20th century the obsolescence of
the Battleship left the Cruiser as the largest and most powerful surface
combatant. The Cruiser had many roles including air defence, commerce
raiding and shore bombardment.
Currently only three nations operate cruisers;
The United States, Russia and Peru.
The rise of air power during World War II dramatically changed the nature
of naval combat. Even the fastest Cruisers could not steer quickly enough
to evade aerial attack and aircraft now had torpedoes. Currently the Kirov
class of heavy missile Cruisers are used for command purposes. Cruisers are
now built and equipped with heavy offensive missiles for wide ranging combat
against land-based and sea-based targets.  The Frigates are optimized for
anti-aircraft warfare so all in all the Cruiser Warships are highly massive
and very capable ships to defend.  Add this Beauty to your collection today!

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