The Circle Parking Garage
The Circle Parking Garage
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NOTE:  All Gas Stations and Parking Garage Models made by makeCNC will fit HO Scale Matchbox Cars or Hotwheels if made from 3mm or 1/8" Inch thick material scale. Fuel pumps have been purposely made a little larger than scale to make them usable by children. You can, however, scale them down if you would like more accurate "To scale" models.

New Circle Parking Garage

Circle Parking Garage

The Circle Parking Garage

A multi-storey car-park, also called a parking garage, parking structure, parking ramp, 
parkade, parking building or parking deck, is a building designed for car parking and 
where there are a number of floors or levels on which parking takes place. It is 
essentially a stacked car park.
The earliest known multi-storey car park was built in 1918 for the Hotel La Salle at 215 
West Washington Street in the West Loop area of downtown Chicago, Illinois. It was 
designed by Holabird and Roche. The Hotel La Salle was demolished in 1976, but the 
parking structure remained because it had been designated as preliminary landmark status 
and the structure was several blocks from the hotel. It was demolished in 2005 after 
failing to receive landmark status from the city of Chicago. Jupiter Realty Corp. of 
Chicago is constructing a 49-storey apartment tower in its place, with construction 
underway as of March 2008.
An alternative claim has emerged from Glasgow, Scotland, for a building that was built 
between 1906 and 1912.
In the 1920s an English cartoonist imagined a hotel for cars; he drew a multi-storey car 
Car parks which serve shopping centres can be built adjacent to the centre for easier 
access at each floor between shops and parking. One example is Mall of America in 
Bloomington, Minnesota, USA, which has two large car parks attached to the building, at 
the eastern and western ends. A common position for car parks within shopping centres in 
the UK is on the roof, around the various utility systems, enabling customers to take 
lifts straight down into the centre. Examples of such are The Oracle in Reading and 
Festival Place in Basingstoke.
Parking structures are subjected to the heavy and shifting loads of moving vehicles, and 
must bear the associated physical stresses. Expansion joints are used between sections 
not only for thermal expansion but to accommodate the flexing of the structure's 
sections due to vehicle traffic. Seismic retrofits can be applied where earthquakes are 
an issue.
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(Exclusive to makeCNC

This Parking Garage comes with a multi-page color assembly guide using photographic quality
rendering and assembly images. This model comes in 1/4", 1/8" and 1/2" scales with
1/8" being the smallest.
It also comes in 3mm, 6mm and 12mm sizes and two fully different scales sets for smaller or larger Routers or Lasers.
We have created the files as Laser ready meaning they do not have any dogbone fillets in the slots and tabs
but you also get a set of files with all the dogbone fillets in them so they are ready to toolpath and cut on your CNC router.

That's a total of over 20 file types scales and formats for this Circle Parking Garage!
All makeCNC houses, castles, gas stations and parking garages come in this format for the highest quality CNC projects on the market today!

Circle Parking Garage 2

PLEASE NOTE:   The largest part of this model is at 1/8" or 3mm thickness scale and will be no larger than 14 X 12" Inches so is ideal for smaller footprint lasers and CNC routers using tiny bits. At 1/4" or 6mm thickness scale the base would be 28 X 24" Inches. This model should be cut using a tool half the size of the slots so if you decided to cut from 1/4 inch material and you use the 1-4 file we provide then you should cut using a 1/8th bit to take advantage of the dogbone fillets in the vector line drawings. This model is a complex and challenging one so Enjoy if you are up to the task!


This Circle Parking Garage pattern and its instruction guide, its design and assembly methods are all Copyright makeCNC. If you purchase this pattern and would like to reproduce it you may only reproduce up to 50 real products from this individual pattern. If you wouldlike to reproduce more than 50 then you would need to purchase another Circle Parking Garage pattern at $12.95 again. You could then produce another 50 real products. You would have to purchase a new pattern for every 50 you would like to produce. Otherwise, if you wish to mass produce this product please contact us at makeCNC to negotiate a commercial license.

Thank You!

Circle Parking Garage