The Bird Hotel
The Bird Hotel
Steve Travers
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A makeMZ ST original 3D puzzle

The Bird Hotel

A nest box, also spelled nestbox, is a man-made enclosure provided for animals to nest 
in. Nest boxes are most frequently utilized for birds, in which case they are also 
called birdhouses, but some mammalian species may also use them. Placing nestboxes or 
roosting boxes may also be used to help maintain populations of particular species in an 
area. Nest boxes are usually wooden, though some for birds are made from a mixture of wood and 
concrete, called woodcrete. Metal nest boxes are also marketed, but these are generally 
unsuitable for outdoor use, as they can overheat in sun, and provide no insulation to 
cold. Many nest boxes are cuboid and have a sloping roof, with a hinged top, side or front to 
provide access for cleaning, bird ringing or, when used for domesticated species, to 
give the breeder access to the young. Boxes may either have an entrance hole or be 
open-fronted. Some nest boxes can be highly decorated and complex, sometimes mimicking 
human houses or other structures. They may also contain nest box cameras so that use of, 
and activity within, the box can be monitored.
Different sizes of nest-box suit different species of birds with very small boxes attracting
wrens and treecreepers and very large ones attracting ducks and owls. 
Seasonally removing old nest material and parasites is important if they are to be 
successfully re-used.
The Tufted Titmouse and Tree Sparrows have been shown to prefer woodcrete boxes to 
wooden. Birds nesting in woodcrete sites had earlier clutches, a shorter incubation 
period, and more reproductive success, perhaps because the synthetic nests were warmer 
than their wooden counterparts.
This is the first Bird House makeMZST has completed so collect now!
There are more to come! 

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Both clean and filleted corner versions.

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