Swamp Rat Air Boat
Swamp Rat Air Boat
Steve Travers
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Swamp Rat

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The Airboat or Swamp Rat

The Airboat, also called the Fanboat, is a flat-bottomed vessel propelled in a forward
direction by an aircraft-type propeller and powered by either an aircraft or automotive engine.
Airboats are very popular means of transportation in the Florida Everglades, parts of the Indian
River Lagoon, the Kissimmee and St Johns Rivers and, of course, the Louisiana Bayous, where they
are used for fishing, bowfishing, hunting and eco-tourism, and in other marshy and/or shallow
areas where a standard inboard or outboard engine with a submerged propeller would be impractical.
The engine and propeller are enclosed in a protective metal cage that prevents objects such as
tree limbs, branches, clothing, beverage containers, passengers, or wildlife from coming in contact
with the whirling propeller, which could cause devestating damage to the vessel and traumatic
injury to the operator or passengers. Steering is accomplished by forced air passing across vertical
rudders. Airboats do not have brakes and are incapable of traveling in reverse. Stopping and reversing
depends upon a good operator having the necessary skills to accomplish these tasks.
The sound produced by an Airboat's propeller and engine can be loud. Airboats vary in size from the
standard 10 foot long hunt/trail boats with a two to three passenger capacity to the very large
Airboats that carry 18 passengers and the greater tour boats.
The first Airboat, called the Ugly Duckling, was built in 1905, in Nova Scotia, Canada by a team led
by Dr. Alexander Graham Bell. It was used to test various engines and prop configurations. By the
1930's homemade Airboats began appearing in the swamps and marshes of Florida and Louisiana. Everyone
wanted one in those areas for ease of travel in the marshy swamp areas.
Airboats are also used by the US Military and US Coast Guard.
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