Smaller scale Furniture set one
Smaller scale Furniture set one
Price: $10.95
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Furniture for our smaller scale series Dollhouses.

Collect this 21 piece smaller scale dollhouse furniture set to furnish your Dollhouse.

This set includes 2 beds, 1 room divider, a dresser and chair set, 1 table and 4 chair set,
1 rocking chair, 1 loveseat and table, 1 bedroom end table, a tub and toilet, 1 couch, 2 living
room sofa chairs, and end table and a coffee table.

You can paint them if you like or add to the furniture with our other 2 sets as well. You would have
70 furnishing pieces in all with our other 2 sets.
collect this Lovely, nicely detailed set now and enjoy furnishing your Dollhouse!