Santa's Workshop ( Premium Model)
Santa's Workshop ( Premium Model)
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Santas Workshop Premium Model

Comes in both metric and imperial scales

This Workshop is Beautifully detailed with so many extras! Comes with Santa Claus, a Christmas Tree with a Star on top, 5 Jolly Elves, a Ladder,
a Table, Stairs, Lots of Toys and Wonderful House Facing.

makeCNC's  artists  have spent several months working on a new inovation in 3D Puzzle Patterns for CNC and Laser cutting. These wonderful and highly detailed 3D Scenes  usually have several creatures and elements and are equal to making several single 3D Puzzles so be prepared for a Challange. We have tried to create a broad spectrum of subject matter but please feel free to email us suggestions for future scenes . If these first scenes do well we will be adding many more in the future.Some of the scenes have been created as sets and display common subject matter, however, each scene can by made as a single project.

Please Note:   Many parts of this model are very detailed at lower scale like 1/8th and 3mm material thickness and if cut by a CNC router will require very tiny bits to be able to cut all the details.  We recommend that Router users cut at at least 1/4 or 6mm scale and still use the smallest bit possible to retain detail. If you understand feeds and speeds well for your router you can still cut these files at 1/8th and 3mm or even smaller but please understand that they are complex and will require some forethought to achieve good results at small scale using a CNC router.

Santas Workshop Premium Model

Santa's Workshop or Santa's Grotto, is the workshop where Santa Claus makes the toys and presents given out at Christmas. ”In Santa Claus mythology, the "workshop" is a sprawling complex located at the North Pole or in Lapland. In addition to housing the factory where toys are either manufactured or distributed by the elves, the complex also houses the residence of Santa Claus, his wife, and all of the reindeer.
In 1879, Thomas Nast revealed to the world in a series of drawings that Santa's Workshop is at the North Pole, specifically the North Magnetic Pole, due to the aurora borealis being centered around it and the fact that the workshop was on land, properties that at the time described the magnetic pole, which was under the Canadian Arctic Archipelago at the time. The magnetic pole has since drifted off to sea] but not the geographic one. The Canada Post postal code for the workshop is H0H 0H0; the code was issued in 1994. The United States Postal Service recommends mail to Santa's workshop be sent to North Pole, Alaska, ZIP code 99705.
This Super Model of Santas Workshop comes with Santa Claus, a Beautiful, several layered Christmas Tree with a star on top, a ladder, 5 Elves, a Table, Stairs, Lots of Toys and House Facing. It is Wonderfully designed by MakeCNC for your Ultimate
Christmas Enjoyment!
Collect your Santas Workshop Super Model Today and Show it off to all your friends at Christmas time!

Comes in:

1/8th inch
1/4 inch
1/2 inch


Comes with a Multi Color Assembly Guide!

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