R2D2 (Star Wars Inspired)
R2D2 (Star Wars Inspired)
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A makeCNC Original 3D Puzzle

This is a Very Amazing Puzzle with some Finely detailed work in it! 

This pattern is recommended for Laser as that will enhance the fine detail of this pattern. However, you can use a CNC Router or any method you choose but you will need very small bits to get the detail or hand finish with small files.

Inspired by Machines from the Popular Star Wars Films


Ready to cut downloadable Patterns and Projects for your CNC Router, Milling Machine, Plasma Cutter or Laser Machine and Scroll Saw in both Imperial Inch format as well as Metric size for the Global CNC Hobbyist.

Files include a Full Color Assembly Manual Copyright makeCNC!

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R2-D2 or Artoo-Detoo is a fictional robot character in the Star Wars universe 
created by George Lucas, who appears in the original trilogy, the prequel 
trilogy, and the sequel trilogy. A small astromech droid, R2-D2 is a major 
character and appears in all Star Wars films to date. Throughout the course of 
the films, he joins or supports Padmé Amidala, Anakin Skywalker, Leia Organa, 
Luke Skywalker, and Obi-Wan Kenobi in various points in the saga.
English actor Kenny Baker played R2-D2 in all three original Star Wars films, and 
received billing credit for the character in the prequel trilogy, where Baker's 
role was reduced, as R2-D2 was portrayed mainly by radio controlled props and CGI 
In Star Wars, both R2-D2 and C-3PO are introduced on board the Tantive IV, along 
with Princess Leia of Alderaan, when they are fired upon by an Imperial Star 
Destroyer. Leia inserts into R2-D2 an information disc containing the plans for 
the Death Star battle station, along with encoding a distress message on the 
droid's holographic projector. The droids then escape in a pod that crashes on 
Tatooine near Obi-Wan Kenobi's desert abode.
R2-D2 and C-3PO are then abducted by Jawas and bought by Owen Lars, step-uncle of 
Luke Skywalker. While Luke cleans the sand out of R2-D2's gears, he discovers a 
fragment of Leia's message, and removes the droid's restraining bolt to see more; 
once free of the bolt, R2 claims to have no knowledge of the message. That night, 
R2-D2 leaves the farm to seek out Obi-Wan. Soon, by way of fate, Luke is forced 
to leave Tatooine with Obi-Wan, Han Solo, and Chewbacca, and they attempt to 
deliver R2-D2 to the Rebel Alliance. Along the way, they are pulled in by the 
Death Star's tractor beam, but eventually rescue Princess Leia and escape. R2-D2 
delivers the plans to the Rebel Alliance, and serves as Luke's astromech droid 
during the attack on the station. R2-D2 is severely damaged during the battle, 
but is restored before the ceremony at the end of the film.
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Patterns may be scaled to the size you require for your material thickness using our Scale Calculator

CNC Routers Users ! Please See our Tutorial for information on dealing with Inside Corners and Dogbone Fillets

Each Zip File Includes:

2 or 4 CDR Files - Sizes you receive Depend on individual Product - usually in 1-8 and 3 mm and/or 1-4 and 6 mm Versions (Corel Draw Format for Laser)
2 or 4 DXF's - Sizes you receive Depend on individual Product -  usually in 1-8 and 3 mm and/or 1-4 and 6 mm Versions (For Most CAD Programs)
2 or 4 SVG - Sizes you receive Depend on individual Product - usually in 1-8 and 3 mm and/or 1-4 and 6 mm Versions  (Opens in Many CAD & Drawing Programs) 

Printable PDF Pattern  (For Scroll Saw Use)

1 X  Clear and Concise Color Assembly Manual.

1 X  Number Guide DXF (Also called Coded DXF - NOT in all Products - Only in Certain Products)

1 x Readme File and Copyright Information

1 X Product Notes -  Letting you know an Approximate Height, Length and Width of your finished product and giving the Approximate Size of the Largest Part.  These Approximations are given in Imperial and Metric. Remember, These are Approximate Sizes. 

Approximate Size at 3mm
L= 272
W = 178
H = 427
Approximate Size at 1/8 inch
L = 10.7
W = 7
H = 16.8
Approximate Size of Largest Part
8.3 X 9.9 inches
211 X 252 mm
Approximate Part Number: 258

NOTE: Our 3D Puzzles can be built in different thicknesses.
Example: 1/8" uses 1/8" Plywood...1/4" uses 1/4" Plywood, etc.
As a rule, although the slots are set to fit the same sized tool, most
people will use a smaller bit size when cutting.

All the hard work is done!

Makecnc is excited to bring to the CNC hobbyist a new and ever-expanding library of art and projects made ready-to-cut on your CNC machine!

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