Napoleon Civil War Cannon (Rubber Band Powered Cannon)
Napoleon Civil War Cannon (Rubber Band Powered Cannon)
Steve Travers
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makeMZST presents The Napoleon Civil War Cannon

Actually fires a wood projectile


 Although this replica is a toy any toy that fires a projectile can injure or be dangerous
If you make this toy please use with caution

The Napoleon Civil War Cannon ( Rubberband Powered Cannon)


The twelve-pound cannon "Napoleon" was the most popular smoothbore cannon used during the war. It was named after Napoleon III of France and was widely admired because of its safety, reliability, and killing power, especially at close range. In Union Ordnance manuals it was referred to as the "light 12-pounder gun" to distinguish it from the heavier and longer 12 pounder gun which was virtually unused in field service. It did not reach America until 1857. It was the last cast bronze gun used by an American army. The Federal version of the Napoleon can be recognized by the flared front end of the barrel, called the muzzle-swell. It was, however, relatively heavy compared to other artillery pieces and difficult to move across rough terrain.
Confederate Napoleons were produced in at least six variations, most of which had straight muzzles, but at least eight catalogued survivors of 133 identified have muzzle swells. Additionally, four iron Confederate Napoleons produced by Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond have been identified, of an estimated 125 cast. In early 1863 Robert E. Lee sent nearly all of the Army of Northern Virginia's bronze 6-pounder guns to Tredegar to be melted down and recast as Napoleons. Copper for casting bronze pieces became increasingly scarce to the Confederacy throughout the war and became acute in November 1863 when the Ducktown copper mines near Chattanooga were lost to Union forces. Casting of bronze Napoleons by the Confederacy ceased and in January 1864 Tredegar began producing iron Napoleons.

Color Assembly Guide Included

For Laser or Scroll Saw cutting.
Can be cut on CNC Router but some filing and or sanding will be required on inside corners.
Small router bits 1/16th will be needed.

Requires some glue no springs or metal hardware needed

This Cannon is from our designer Steve T  It does not need springs or bolts nut or screws to make
Just cut glue and assmeble and you are ready to go

Comes in six scales both metric and inch
1/4 inch and 6mm 1/8th and 3mm 1/2" and 12mm
also files for CNCRouter version with Dogbone fillets

Copyright on this model allows you to make 50 copies then you must purchase another copy.

Commercial licenses available. Contact us!



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