Moon Base Alpha (Space 1999)
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Moon Base Alpha

A makeMZ ST original 3D puzzle

The Moon Base has an Extending Bridge Way, that will allow People to Get from inside the Base and to the Inside of a Ship on the Landing Pad.  The Landing Pad is Removable, and so should be the Garage door, and either of the 3 Ships Should fit inside depending on how you construct it and what materials you are using.

This is a Very Amazing Puzzle with some Finely detailed work in it! 

This pattern is recommended for Laser as that will enhance the fine detail of this pattern. However, you can use a CNC Router or any method you choose but you will need very small bits to get the detail or hand finish with small files.

This is another one of Steves Excellent flagship models!

Based up on the Moon Base Alpha in Space 1999


Ready to cut downloadable Patterns and Projects for your CNC Router, Milling Machine, Plasma Cutter or Laser Machine and Scroll Saw in both Imperial Inch format as well as Metric size for the Global CNC Hobbyist.

Files include a Full Color Assembly Manual Copyright makeCNC!

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Moon Base Alpha

Moonbase Alpha is a fictional Moon base and the main setting in the British science fiction television series Space: 1999 (1974–77).
Primarily a scientific research station, at the start of the series, Moonbase Alpha houses 311 personnel including scientists, astronauts, medical personnel, and security officers. It is under the command of John Koenig. Four kilometers wide and up to one kilometer deep, it is a totally self-sustaining facility, with the different areas connected by a series of high speed "travel tubes". Alpha also has a fleet of Eagle Transporter spaceships, used for a variety of purposes throughout the series, which are housed in underground bunkers and then raised on launch pads for take-off.
Moonbase Alpha is totally self-sustaining. Power is generated by four nuclear reactors and the accumulation of solar energy. Earth-normal artificial gravity is generated by eight towers surrounding the complex. Water is obtained from ice deposits under the lunar surface, recycled and purified. Nutritional requirements are met by a variety of familiar-appearing foodstuffs produced biochemically on Alpha. This diet was supplemented by frozen-food products imported from Earth before all contact with home was severed in September 1999.
All Alpha personnel have their own suite of rooms in the Residence Section with sitting room, sleeping alcove and private bathroom. Suites with a separate, larger bedroom are available to married staff members. Personnel also have the option to live with a roommate if desired. The Recreation Section boasts a gymnasium, private work-out rooms, a solarium with adjacent sauna and swimming pool, bowling alley, performing-arts theatre and separate cinema and a reference library with both real books and electronic equivalents. Recreation lounges and restaurants are scattered throughout the complex.
Several buildings are given over to research in a number of scientific fields including astronomy, geology, chemistry, biology and astrophysics. Others are devoted to the Technical and Maintenance Sections and are responsible for the repair and upkeep of Moonbase and its many complex systems. The Eagle transporters and other ancillary craft are maintained and stored in an underground hangar complex.
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Patterns may be scaled to the size you require for your material thickness using our Scale Calculator

CNC Routers Users ! Please See our Tutorial for information on dealing with Inside Corners and Dogbone Fillets

Each Zip File Includes:

2 or 4 CDR Files - Sizes you receive Depend on individual Product - usually in 1-8 and 3 mm and/or 1-4 and 6 mm Versions (Corel Draw Format for Laser)
2 or 4 DXF's - Sizes you receive Depend on individual Product -  usually in 1-8 and 3 mm and/or 1-4 and 6 mm Versions (For Most CAD Programs)
2 or 4 SVG - Sizes you receive Depend on individual Product - usually in 1-8 and 3 mm and/or 1-4 and 6 mm Versions  (Opens in Many CAD & Drawing Programs) 

Printable PDF Pattern  (For Scroll Saw Use)

1 X  Clear and Concise Color Assembly Manual.

1 X  Number Guide DXF (Also called Coded DXF - NOT in all Products - Only in Certain Products)

1 x Readme File and Copyright Information

1 X Product Notes -  Letting you know an Approximate Height, Length and Width of your finished product and giving the Approximate Size of the Largest Part.  These Approximations are given in Imperial and Metric. Remember, These are Approximate Sizes. 

Approximate Size at 6mm
L= 2070
W = 1872
H = 376
Approximate Size at 1/4 inch
L = 81.5
W = 73.7
H = 14.8
Approximate Size of Largest Part
22.5 X 23.8 inches
572 X 605 mm 
Approximate Part Number:

NOTE: Our 3D Puzzles can be built in different thicknesses.
Example: 1/8" uses 1/8" Plywood...1/4" uses 1/4" Plywood, etc.
As a rule, although the slots are set to fit the same sized tool, most
people will use a smaller bit size when cutting.

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