Li Ming Chinese Lantern
Li Ming Chinese Lantern
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Li Ming Chinese Lantern

A makeMZ ST original 3D puzzle

Chinese lanterns or Paper lanterns, originating from Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220), mainly were used as lamps in ancient China. A variety of crafts  were used in their making such as Chinese paintings, paper-cutting, and pricking and seaming and many kinds of materials such as bamboo, wood, wheat-straw and metal were used in their manufacture. Paper and silk were the major materials.
Originally, monks used lanterns on the twelfth day of the first lunar month in their worship of the Buddha. During the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Emperor Liu Zhuang was a Buddhist and he ordered the inhabitants of the imperial palace and citizens to light lanterns to worship the Buddha just as the monks did. Later, this custom gradually became a grand festival among common people. During the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907), people made lanterns to celebrate their peaceful life while the splendid illuminations symbolized and celebrated the prosperous, strong and powerful country. From then on, lighting lanterns became popular in the country.
Once used for lighting before the introduction of gas and then electricity, lanterns are now merely decorative or more significantly used during of the yearly Lantern Festival.
For common people, lanterns are hung up from the eve of Spring Festival (Dec. 29th of lunar year) and not removed until the Lantern Festival (Jan. 15th of lunar New Year). The Lantern Show is an attractive activity around the day of Lantern Festival in many cities. If you want to see the lantern fairs, Beijing, Nanjing, Xian, Shanghai and Hangzhou have their unique shows during the festival.
On the lantern show, many people love the ‘lantern riddles’ most. Anyone who knows the answer to the riddles on the lanterns will get a small gift as award. The activity attracts people because of the riddle itself rather than the gift. The interesting riddles make the colorful lantern shows more interesting.
Before the Lantern Festival, all kinds of lanterns are sold along the street and these beautiful lanterns light the dark nights. In Chinese culture, an uncle needs to buy his nephew (under 12 years old) a lantern before the festival. It is the happiest time for children to playing with their companions outside the houses. The red lanterns stand for the best wishes uncles have for their nephews, hoping their nephews grow up happily and are as healthy as last year.

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