Kiwi Bird - New Zealand
Kiwi Bird - New Zealand
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New Zealand Kiwi Bird - Can be cut on Plasma Machine as well

A makeCNC Original 3D Puzzle

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This is a Great Pattern with some Amazing Detail work in it.

Kiwi or kiwis are flightless birds native to New Zealand. Approximately the size 
of a domestic chicken, kiwi are by far the smallest living ratites which also 
consist of ostriches, emus, rheas, and cassowaries.
DNA sequence comparisons have yielded the surprising conclusion that kiwi are much 
more closely related to the extinct Malagasy elephant birds than to the moa with 
which they shared New Zealand. There are five recognised species, four of which 
are currently listed as vulnerable, and one of which is near-threatened. All 
species have been negatively affected by historic deforestation but currently the 
remaining large areas of their forest habitat are well protected in reserves and 
national parks. At present, the greatest threat to their survival is predation by 
invasive mammalian predators.
The kiwi's egg is one of the largest in proportion to body size up to 20% of the 
female's weight of any species of bird in the world. Other unique adaptations of 
kiwi, such as their hairlike feathers, short and stout legs, and using their 
nostrils at the end of their long beak to detect prey before they ever see it, 
have helped the bird to become internationally well-known.
The kiwi is recognised as an icon of New Zealand, and the association is so strong 
that the term Kiwi is used internationally as the colloquial demonym for New 
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Approximate Size at 6mm
L= 711
W = 452
H = 480
Approximate Size at 1/4 inch
L = 28
W = 17.8
H = 18.9
Approximate Size of Largest Part
17.7 X 27.8 inches
450 X 706 mm
when using 6mm or 1/4 inch material
will look great at half the size using 3mm or 1/8th material
Approximate Part Number: 59

NOTE: Our 3D Puzzles can be built in different thicknesses.
Example: 1/8" uses 1/8" Plywood...1/4" uses 1/4" Plywood, etc.
As a rule, although the slots are set to fit the same sized tool, most
people will use a smaller bit size when cutting.

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