Gypsy Wagon Set One
Gypsy Wagon Set One
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Universal Gypsy Horse Works with all the Gypsy Wagons - Gypsy Horse Is Included in this set!

Original and Exclusive to makeCNC

Included in this Set:  The Balkan Gypsy Wagon, The Reading Gypsy Wagon, The Openlot Gypsy Wagon, The Pot Cart Gypsy Wagon and The Burton Gypsy Wagon and the Universal Gypsy Horse.

Our Gypsy Wagons are based on Authentic Wagons from different parts of the world and were drawn using the highest quality CAD software. They make wonderful Doll Houses as well as Models to display and some have furniture included.

Caravans or Vardo, Gypsy Waggons, have been used by Gypsies for about 150 years as their home. Before then they walked on foot, used carts to convey their possessions and slept in tents. Waggons built to live in, not just to carry persons or goods, developed about 1810 in France. In England these were probably first used by showmen travelling between fairs and with circuses in the 1820s. Gypsies began living in them about 1850.The Gypsies' name for their Waggon is a Vardo. It was highly cherished but they rarely built their own. Instead, newly married couples commissioned them for a price from specialised non-Gypsy coach builders. Building a Vardo took between 6 to 12 months and used the wood of oak, ash, elm, walnut and pine. They were ornately painted, decorated with carvings and often enriched with goldleaf. There were 5 main types of Waggons. The Burton, The Reading, The Openlot, The Pot Cart and the Balkan. 

Normally, a single horse of about 14 hands pulls the Vardo, with a second horse 
being added for hills. After travelling the roads for about 10 years, Gypsy vans 
were returned to the builders to be repaired or repainted. When their owners died, 
Vardos were sometimes burned because of the belief that the dead were bound to 
their belongings until their possesions were burnt, buried or sunk.
Today very few original Vardos have survived the evolution of time. There is, 
however, a steady revival taking place in the UK, with an upturn in interest once 
more in Romani Caravans. The few remaining original "Lucky" Waggons are safely in 
private collections or museums, either fully restored or under restoration.

Collect your Gypsy Wagon Set One! Amazing Value!

Each Gyspy Wagon and the Gypsy Horse come in three imperial and three metric thickness scales

1/8th -1/4 and 1/2 inch
as well as 3mm -6mm and 12mm
Comes with both Laser and Router versions
as well as a full color assembly guide for each Wagon and the Horse
and a number coded DXF file for easy assembly for the Wagons.

These products are original designs and are Copyright to

Please make only 50 models each  pattern before repurchase of this Gypsy Wagon Set.