Galloping Horse 3
Galloping Horse 3
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NEW Galloping Horse 3!!!

This Horse can be assembled as a "Stand Alone" project and is also created to accompany

the Stagecoach Set. If you purchase the Stagecoach Set you will get the Stagecoach, Driver and all 4 Horses. 

Stagecoach set is not included with this pattern. See below to view a picture of the Stagecoach Set.

Is is recommended you use a Laser Machine for this project to enhance the detail as shown in the picture. However, you 

can use a CNC Router or whatever method you choose to use. You just won't have the exact detail shown in the picture.

galloping horse 3

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This is a New Premium Project!

New Galloping Horse 3

Humans domesticated horses and needed them to perform a variety of duties. One type 
of horse-powered work was the hauling of heavy loads, pulling stagecoaches, plowing 
fields, and other tasks that required pulling ability. A heavy, calm, patient, 
well-muscled animal was desired for this work. Conversely, a light, more energetic 
horse was needed for riding and rapid transport. Thus, to the extent possible, a 
certain amount of selective breeding was used to develop different types of horse 
for different types of work.
Horses and humans interact in a wide variety of sport competitions and non-
competitive recreational pursuits, as well as in working activities such as police 
work, agriculture, entertainment, and therapy. Horses were historically used in 
warfare, from which a wide variety of riding and driving techniques developed, 
using many different styles of equipment and methods of control. Many products are 
derived from horses, including meat, milk, hide, hair, bone, and pharmaceuticals 
extracted from the urine of pregnant mares. Humans provide domesticated horses with 
food, water and shelter, as well as attention from specialists such as 
veterinarians and farriers.
Communication between human and horse is paramount in any equestrian activity. To 
aid this process horses are usually ridden with a saddle on their backs to assist 
the rider with balance and positioning, and a bridle or related headgear to assist 
the rider in maintaining control. Sometimes horses are ridden without a saddle, and 
occasionally, horses are trained to perform without a bridle or other headgear. 
Many horses are also driven, which requires a harness, bridle, and some type of 
vehicle such as a Stagecoach.
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White BG Horse 3

The Galloping Horse 3

This Horse comes with multi-page color assembly guides using photographic quality rendering and assembly images.

This model come in 1/4", 1/8" and 1/2" scales with 1/8" being the smallest.

It also comes in 3mm, 6mm and 12mm sizes for Routers or Lasers.
We have created the files as Laser ready meaning they do not have any dogbone fillets in the slots and tabs
but you also get a set of files with all the dogbone fillets in them so they are ready to toolpath and cut on your CNC router.

That's many different file types scales and formats for this Magnificent Horse!
All makeCNC Premium Products come in this format for the highest quality CNC projects on the market today!


This Horse Pattern and its instruction guide, its design and assembly methods are all Copyright makeCNC. If you purchase this pattern and would like to reproduce it you may only reproduce up to 50 real products from the individual set pattern. If you would like to reproduce more than 50 then you would need to purchase another Horse Pattern at $7.50 again. You could then produce another 50 real products. You would have to purchase a new pattern for every 50 you would like to produce. Otherwise, if you wish to mass produce this product please contact us at makeCNC to negotiate a commercial license.

Thank You!

Below is a picture to show you how this Galloping Horse 3 goes together with the other Stagecoach Horses and Stagecoach Set.

The Stagecoach Set is not included with the Individual Galloping Horse 3. You must purchase the Stagecoach Set separately. The Stagecoach Set

comes with all you see below...The Stagecoach, Driver and 4 Horses.

Stagecoach View