French Villa
French Villa
Price: $16.45


A makeMZFC Original 3D Puzzle

The French Villa

There are many rooms to furnish in this New Beauty! 

Collect the magically inspired FrenchVilla Dollhouse 3D Puzzle Pattern Today!
It is one of a New Series being released by makeCNC this year from Fabrice, a new Designer added to our makeCNC Team.

Welcome Fabrice! 

The mill work in this house is wonderful and the detail is excellent!

Also, all houses now come with a number coded DXF file to assist with assembly along side the full color assembly guide.

(Exclusive to makeCNC

Collect your French Villa Today and add it to your already growing Dollhouse collection!

This totally New and Wonderful Original design from Fabrice at makeCNC.

This house comes with a multi-page color assembly guide using photographic quality
rendering and assembly images.

This model comes in DXF Format in 1/4", 1/8" and 1/2" scales with
1/8" being the smallest.
It also comes in 3mm, 6mm and 12mm sizes.
We have created the files as Laser ready meaning they do not have any dogbone fillets in the slots and tabs
but you also get a set of files with all the dogbone fillets in them so they are ready to toolpath and cut on your CNC router.

That's Many Different file types scales and formats for this French Villa!
All makeCNC houses come in this format for the highest quality CNC projects on the market today!


All houses should be cut using a tool half the size of the slots so if you decided to cut from 1/4 inch material and you use the 1-4 file we provide then you should cut using a 1/8th bit to take advantage of the dogbone fillets in the vector line drawings.

If you purchase this pattern and would like to reproduce it you may only reproduce up to 50 real products from this individual pattern. If you would like to reproduce more than 50 then you would need to purchase another French Villa Dollhouse pattern at $16.45 again. You could then produce another 50 real products. You would have to purchase a new pattern for every 50 you would like to produce. Otherwise, if you wish to mass produce this product please contact us at makeCNC to negotiate a commercial license.

Thank You!