F15 Eagle (GPA)
F15 Eagle (GPA)
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F15 Eagle

makeCNC's Inlay Intarsia Patterns

These Patterns can be cut with several types of tools including CNC Routers like Shopbot Tools and many other types of CNC Routing Tools, Laser Cutting Machines, Die Cutting Machines and can be cut Manually using Scroll Saws as well as Water Jet or Plasma CNC Tools.

You can use a limitless variety of Materials including wood working materials such as Exotic and Native Woods, MDF and Plywood as well as from Colored Acrylics for use in backlit signs and  Faux acrylic stained glass windows and mobiles. You can cut them on a Water Jet and make true stained glass windows or even cut them from Foam Board using a Drag Knife or CNC Die Cutting Machine like the Cougar PRO from BlackCat. The only limit is your Imagination!

These Patterns come in a Variety of File Formats for use over a broad spectrum of software and machine tool processes. These Patterns are compatible with and include:

AI - Adobe Illustrator Artwork 15.0
Crv - Vectric V Carve Pro version 7 or later
Crv3d - Vectric Aspire version 4
DXF - AutoCAD and most other CAD programs
EPS File
Svg - for Laser Machines
CDR File - CorelDRAW Version 11 for best overall Corel compatibility
Copyright and Terms of use:
The copyright on these patterns is more complex than other Patterns on the makeCNC website as there are several artists involved in the creation of the patterns and these artists retain copyright of the works. You may not electronically transfer sell, trade, and share or post these files in any digital or printed format. You may make limited quantities of products for sale from these files however large scale commercial use is strictly prohibited without express written permission of makeCNC.com llc . Please contact us for large Commercial use license information.