Elegant Bird Cage
Elegant Bird Cage
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This Elegant Bird Cage is Beautifully Detailed. A Must Have for any Collector!

New Elegant Bird Cage

This is a New Premium Pattern!

The Elegant Bird Cage

The main advantage of a wooden bird cage is aesthetics. They are prettier and more attractive. This is important if your custom cage is displayed in your living room or family room where everyone can see it. You want your custom birdcage to blend in with the rest of your home décor

A birdcage is a cage designed to house birds as pets.
Antique birdcages are often popular as collectors' items or as household decor but 
most are not suitable for housing live birds, being too small, or of unsafe 
materials or construction. Good quality cages designed for pet birds are more 
Most parrot cages are made or wrought iron and painted with a non-toxic paint 
referred to as powder-coating. However, the newest trend in the market is cages 
made of solid stainless steel. Large parrot cages made of stainless steel can cost 
thousands of dollars and will actually outlive a powder-coated cage by 5 to 6 
times. While small cages are relatively cheap, large parrot-sized cages can cost 
hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The materials used to build the cages has a 
lot to do with the price level.
Cages should also be equipped with appropriate perches. There should be several 
diameters of perches available, but the diameter should be large enough so that the 
bird's toes are unable to overlap or completely wrap around the perch. Flight cages 
and aviaries should be equipped with perches at each end with open space in the 
middle for flight.

The Photo Below is a picture of the Elegant Bird Cage finished by Nicole, one of our Talented Customers!

Nicely done Nicole!

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(Exclusive to makeCNC

It is recommended you use a Laser Machine for this project to enhance the detail as shown in the picture. 

However, you can use a CNC Router or whatever method you choose to use.

You just won't have the exact detail shown in the picture.

This elegant bird cage comes with a multi-page color assembly guide using photographic quality rendering and assembly images.

This model comes in 1/4", 1/8" and 1/2" scales with 1/8" being the smallest.

It also comes in 3mm, 6mm and 12mm sizes and two fully different scales sets for smaller or larger Routers or Lasers.
We have created the files as Laser ready meaning they do not have any dogbone fillets in the slots and tabs
but you also get a set of files with all the dogbone fillets in them so they are ready to toolpath and cut on your CNC router.

That's many different file types scales and formats for this elegant bird cage!
All makeCNC products come in this format for the highest quality CNC projects on the market today!

The Photo Below is a picture of the Elegant Bird Cage finished by Nicole, one of our Talented Customers!

Nicely done Nicole!

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This Elegant Bird Cage pattern and its instruction guide, its design and assembly methods are all Copyright makeCNC. If you purchase this pattern and would like to reproduce it you may only reproduce up to 50 real products from this individual pattern. If you wouldlike to reproduce more than 50 then you would need to purchase another Elegant Bird Cage pattern at $14.95 again. You could then produce another 50 real products. You would have to purchase a new pattern for every 50 you would like to produce. Otherwise, if you wish to mass produce this product please contact us at makeCNC to negotiate a commercial license.

Thank You!