Drum Kit
Drum Kit
Steve Travers
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Drum Kit

A makeMZ ST original 3D puzzle

This is a Very Amazing Puzzle with some Finely detailed work in it!

This is another one of Steves Excellent flagship models!


Ready to cut downloadable Patterns and Projects for your CNC Router, Milling Machine, Plasma Cutter or Laser Machine and Scroll Saw in both Imperial Inch format as well as Metric size for the Global CNC Hobbyist.
Files include a Full Color Assembly Manual Copyright makeCNC!

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Drum Kit

A drum kit, drum set or trap set is a collection of drums and other percussion 
instruments set up to be played/struck by a single player.
The traditional drum kit consists of a mix of drums and idiophones. 
More recently kits have also 
included electronic instruments, with both 
hybrid and entirely electronic kits now in common use.
A standard modern kit (for a right-handed player), as used in popular music and 
taught in many music schools, contains:
A snare drum, mounted on a stand, placed between the player's knees and played 
with drum sticks which may include rutes or brushes,
A bass drum, played by a pedal operated by the right/left foot,
A hi-hat stand and cymbals, operated by the left foot and played with the sticks, 
particularly but not only the right hand stick,
One or more tom-tom drums, played with the sticks,
One or more cymbals, played with the sticks.
All of these are classed as non-pitched percussion, allowing for the music to be 
scored using percussion notation, for which a loose semi-standardized form exists 
for the drum kit. If some or all of them are replaced by electronic drums, the 
scoring and most often positioning remains the same, allowing a standard teaching 
approach. The drum kit is usually played seated on a drum stool or throne. The 
drum kit differs in general from those traditional instruments that produce melody 
or chords/pitch per se: even though drums are often placed musically alongside 
others that do, such as the piano or stringed instruments. 
Many drummers extend their kits from this basic pattern, adding more drums, more 
cymbals, and many other instruments including pitched percussion. In some styles 
of music particular extensions are normal, for example double bass drums in heavy 
metal music. On the other extreme but more rarely, some performers omit elements 
from even the basic setup, also dependent on the style of music and individual 
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CNC Routers Users ! Please See our Tutorial for information on dealing with Inside Corners and Dogbone Fillets

Each Zip File Includes:

2 or 4 CDR Files - Sizes you receive Depend on individual Product - usually in 1-8 and 3 mm and/or 1-4 and 6 mm Versions (Corel Draw Format for Laser)
2 or 4 DXF's - Sizes you receive Depend on individual Product -  usually in 1-8 and 3 mm and/or 1-4 and 6 mm Versions (For Most CAD Programs)
2 or 4 SVG - Sizes you receive Depend on individual Product - usually in 1-8 and 3 mm and/or 1-4 and 6 mm Versions  (Opens in Many CAD & Drawing Programs) 

Printable PDF Pattern  (For Scroll Saw Use)

1 X  Clear and Concise Color Assembly Manual.

1 X  Number Guide DXF (Also called Coded DXF - NOT in all Products - Only in Certain Products)

1 x Readme File and Copyright Information

1 X Product Notes -  Letting you know an Approximate Height, Length and Width of your finished product and giving the Approximate Size of the Largest Part.  These Approximations are given in Imperial and Metric. Remember, These are Approximate Sizes. 

Approximate Size at 3mm

L= 356
W = 229
H = 330
Approximate Size at 1/8 inch
L = 14
W = 9
H = 13
Approximate Size of Largest Part
14 X 9 inches
356 X 229 mm

NOTE: Our 3D Puzzles can be built in different thicknesses.
Example: 1/8" uses 1/8" Plywood...1/4" uses 1/4" Plywood, etc.
As a rule, although the slots are set to fit the same sized tool, most
people will use a smaller bit size when cutting.

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