Dorper Ram
Dorper Ram
Steve Travers
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With new moveIT technology

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in this case the head of the Ram tilts up and down. as in the pictures below

A makeMZ ST original 3D puzzle
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The Dorper Ram

A Dorper is a fast growing meat producing sheep. The Dorper is an easy care
animal that produces a short light coat of wool and hair that is shed in late
sprint and summer. It was developed in South Africa and is now the second most
popular breed in that country. The Dorper Sheep Breeders Society of South
Africa was founded in 1950. This breed was developed by the crossing of a
Dorset Horn X blackhead Persian around the 1930's. Other breeds such as the
Van Rooy are also believed to have contributed to the development of the breed.
The name "Dorper" is a coupling of the first syllables of the parent breeds
Dorset and Persian. The breed is well adapted to survive in the arid extensive
regions of South Africa. It has high fertility and maternal instinct, combined
with high growth rates and hardiness. The breed has the characteristic black
head as well as white heads (White Dorper).
White Dorper genetics have also contributed to the development of the Australian
White sheep breed. The Dorper adapts well to a variety of climatic and grazing
conditions. In its native South Africa it has spread from the arid areas to all
parts of the republic. It reputably does well in various range and feeding
conditions and is also suited to intensive feeding. In Australia, Dorpers are now
farmed thoughout the arid and tropical areas as well as the high rainfall southern
States, thriving even in the extreme cold and wetness of Tasmania. Dorpers can
be run as a replacement or with suitable management as a complementary flock to
Merinos, particularly as shearing costs continue to rise.
The breed is extremely adaptable with a high ability to flourish, grow, produce
and reproduce in irregular and low rainfall environments. Dorpers are known to
adapt well to feed lot conditions which offers farmers an alternative method to
finish lambs in times of drought. The breed is regarded as having the ability to
graze and browse which suggests it will consume plants seldom eaten by the Merino.
The Dorper is an easy care breed, which requires minimal input of labour. The
Dorper has a thick skin, which is highly prized and protects the sheep under harsh
climatic conditions. The Dorper skin is the most sought after sheepskin in the
world and is marketed under the name of Cape Glovers. The skin comprises a high
percentage of the income 20% in South Africa. Unlike Merinos, Dorpers do not need
shearing, crutching, mulesing and they do not get flystrike.
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