Da Vinci's Ornithopter
Da Vinci's Ornithopter
Steve Travers
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Da Vinci's Ornithopter

A makeMZ ST Original 3D Puzzle

This is a Great Pattern with some Amazing Detail work in it.

An ornithopter is an aircraft that flies by flapping its wings. Designers seek to 
imitate the flapping-wing flight of birds, bats, and insects. Though machines may 
differ in form, they are usually built on the same scale as these flying 
creatures. Manned ornithopters have also been built, and some have been 
successful. The machines are of two general types, those with engines and those 
powered by the muscles of the pilot.
Some early manned flight attempts may have been intended to achieve flapping-wing 
flight though probably only a glide was actually achieved. These include the 
flights of the 11th-century monk Eilmer of Malmesbury recorded in the 12th 
century and the 9th-century poet Abbas Ibn Firnas recorded in the 17th century. 
Roger Bacon, writing in 1260, was also among the first to consider a 
technological means of flight. In 1485, Leonardo da Vinci began to study the 
flight of birds. He grasped that humans are too heavy, and not strong enough, to 
fly using wings simply attached to the arms. He therefore sketched a device in 
which the aviator lies down on a plank and works two large, membranous wings 
using hand levers, foot pedals, and a system of pulleys.
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Approximate Size at 3mm
L= 203
W = 508
H = 76
Approximate Size at 1/8 inch
L = 8
W = 20
H = 3
Approximate Size of Largest Part
 X  inches 5.25 X 11.5
 X  mm 133 X 292
Approximate Part Number: 19

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