Crunch the Skeleton Dragon
Crunch the Skeleton Dragon
Steve Travers
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Crunch the Skeleton Dragon

A makeMZ ST original 3D puzzle
contains moveIT technology

Crunch the Skeleton Dragon has Special Unique Features! Crunch has Legs and Wings that can be Repositioned for a sitting back and being ready to Pounce/Strike or Takeoff Position!




Crunch, The British Skeleton Dragon

Welcome all you visitors into the world of fantasy of myths and legends where heroes have faced mighty armies armed only with their sword, their shield and their courage. Though, we will focus here on dragons, namely Crunch the Skeletal Dragon, many legends and myths displayed dragons as evil creatures and some other as a representation of good.
Legend is a type of folk narrative. In some ways, legends resemble myths. But myths typically relate events from a remote time long ago and deal with such religious subjects as gods and goddesses and the origin of the universe. Legends are set in the present or in the historical past. Although legends may have religious implications, most are not religious in nature. Legends distort the truth, but they are based on real people or events.
Every society produces legends. They constitute an unofficial or folk history by reflecting the attitudes and values of the group that creates them. In addition, legend heroes possess exaggerated attributes--positive or negative--of special significance to a society. For exemple, many legends tell about dragons to be a representation of evil while holy Knights (or Paladins) represented pure righteousness. Such legends emphasized the courage and fairness of these legendary heroes and keep people in the path of good.
Here we have Crunch, the Skeleton Dragon.
He is a homoiothermic reptile. In other words, he is a warm-blooded creature and his body temperature is controlled internally. This characteristic enables him to adapt to the different climates of his very extensive habitat and to maintain his activities both day and night throughout the year, as he is not dependent on the warmth from the sun like the other reptiles. Crunch has wings and his bones are hollow, for lightness. He is transparent and therefore fast and hard to see.  This rare survivor of a remote era is intelligent and fairly aggressive, and he belongs to a single species known as "worm of the deep", a species on the verge of extinction. This creature, Crunch, has lived for a very long time. There are records of dragons who have lived for five hundred and even a thousand years, but there are no known cases of dragons who have died from old age. On the other hand, they died from accidents, sickness or as a result of the actions of their most relentless enemy: MAN.
Crunch is still alive and ferocious and ever-watchful! Watch out for Crunch!
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Comes in these sheet thickness scales:

1/8th inch
1/4 inch
1/2 inch


Both clean and filleted corner versions.

Comes with a Full Color Multi-Page Assembly Guide!

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