Classic 68 Dodge Charger
Classic 68 Dodge Charger
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68 Dodge Charger

A makeMZ ST original 3D puzzle

This is a Very Amazing 3D Puzzle with some amazing detail work in it!

This is another one of Steves Excellent flagship models!

The Classic 68 Dodge Charger

During the early-1960s, automakers were exploring new ideas in the personal luxury and specialty car segments. Chrysler, fast to enter the specialty car market, selected their Dodge Division to enter the marketplace with a bigger model to fit between the "pony car" Ford Mustang and the "personal luxury" Ford Thunderbird. The intention was to use the B-body for a sporty car with fastback look while sharing as much of their existing hardware as possible.
The Charger's interior was different from all other cars with its back seats that folded down and created a station wagon or camper usefulness.  "The Charger didn't begin with the performance/ muscle car image, though you could get a Hemi with it." The Charger evolved into possibly the top Chrysler-made muscle car.
Inside, the standard Charger featured a simulated wood-grain steering wheel, four individual bucket seats with a full length console from front to rear. The rear seats and rear center armrest pad also folded forward while the trunk divider dropped back, which allowed for generous cargo room. Numerous interior features were exclusive to the Charger including door panels, courtesy lights, as well as premium trim and vinyl upholstery. The instrument panel did not use regular bulbs to light the gauges, but rather electroluminescence lit the four chrome-ringed circular dash pods, needles, radio, shifter-position indicator in the console, as well as clock and air conditioning controls if equipped. The dash housed a 0 to 6000 rpm tachometer, a 0 to 150 mph  speedometer, as well as alternator, fuel, and temperature gauges as standard equipment.
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Comes with a 18 Page Full Color Assembly Guide!

Comes in these sheet thickness scales in DXF form:

1/8th inch
1/4 inch
1/2 inch


Both clean and filleted corner versions.

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