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Endwood Castle  - The Army of Soldiers


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The Endwood Castle's Army of  Soldiers

The experience level and tactical maneuvering ability of Medieval armies varied depending on the period and region. For larger battles, pre-battle planning typically consisted of a council of the war leaders, which could either be the general laying down a plan or a debate between the different leaders, depending on how much authority the general possessed. Battlefield communication was difficult before the advent of strict lines of communication. Communication from the general to his forces, and down through the ranks, was done through musical signals, audible commands, messengers, or visual signals such as raising a standard banner or flag.
NOTE: This description & Purchase Only includes the Endwood Castle's Army of Soldiers! All other Castle Walls and Buildings, Siege Weapons and Soldiers are Sold Seperately! See our Website for all the Other Wonderful Endwood Castle Buildings, Siege Weapons and Soldiers that are available for purchase that go with the World of Endwood Series of products!

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