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Berea Contrast House

The Berea contrast house a free downloadable Educational Model Pattern

for CNC Router,Die cutting and Laser cutting machines

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Created by makeCNC for Professor Matthew Jadud and Berea College Kentucky and kindly donated to the world for educational teaching purposes involving Home automation wiring layout and any other uses that it may have in furthering Education

Donated to the world by Berea College kentucky in conjunction with makeCNC

This model was created with the help of SM studios Bulgaria Xtreame3dsolutions India and is released under a creative commons liscense.

Some History

The Contrast House was part of a major program for Home Improvement in the Southern Appalachian Region initiated by Berea College, which sprang from early turn-of-the-century extension services into the local area and continued through much of the mid-20th century. Historically, Contrast House holds significance as a part of health, sanitation, education, domestic science, and war of poverty efforts in the United States, as well as Berea's unique contribution to these areas and contemporary ideas of thrift and simple living. Specifically, the Contrast House project began in the 1930s as a unique architectural experiment. Built out of chestnut cut from the Berea College forest, the building's rustic character was meant to appeal to the region's traditional sensibilities and need for low cost housing while providing modern amenities for the modern family, and conveniences for women working in the home.

The Model

Please see the video below to see the floorplan and internal structure of the house

Released in both DXF and EPS formats can be cut uisng many types of materials and machines including our Line of BlackCat CNC die cutting tools

This house model has a sub floor to hide wiring and also double internal walls to place wiring and switches etc along with an internal roof structure and ceiling stips in the rooms to hang lights from

You can modify it to your exact needs using most any CAD program

Comes set for material thickness in the following scales

in both Laser and Router formats. The router formats include dogbone fillets to compensate for Router bit radius

1/16th ,1/8th,3/16th,1/4,1/2 inch files


the size of the House will increase with the thickness of the material and the larger the house the bigger the CNC machine you will need to cut the parts.


Please tell other Teachers and people about this free teaching resource and send us pictures of your completed houses in class to add to the Houses description and gallery pages

We would like to offer a special thanks to Professor Matthew Jadud from Berea College Kentucky for initiating this project



thank you from the Team at makeCNC


Kentucky house