Berea Contrast House
Berea Contrast House
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 Educational Model Pattern

Made by Berea College Kentucky and makeCNC
Project by Professor Matthew Jadud

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The Contrast House was part of a major program for Home Improvement in the Southern Appalachian Region initiated by Berea College, which sprang from early turn-of-the-century extension services into the local area and continued through much of the mid-20th century. Historically, Contrast House holds significance as a part of health, sanitation, education, domestic science, and war of poverty efforts in the United States, as well as Berea's unique contribution to these areas and contemporary ideas of thrift and simple living. Specifically, the Contrast House project began in the 1930s as a unique architectural experiment. Built out of chestnut cut from the Berea College forest, the building's rustic character was meant to appeal to the region's traditional sensibilities and need for low cost housing while providing modern amenities for the modern family, and conveniences for women working in the home.

Comes set for material thickness in the following scales



In both Laser and Router formats. The router formats include dogbone fillets to compensate for Router bit radius.

Comes in DXF format

1/16th ,1/8th,3/16th,1/4,1/2 inch files

1.5mm,3mm,6mm,12mm files in

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