Beaver - North American Animal Series
Beaver - North American Animal Series
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North American Beaver

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North American Beaver

The beaver, the Castor Species, is a primarily nocturnal, large, semi-aquatic 
rodent. Castor includes two extant species, the North American beaver which is 
native to North America and the Eurasian beaver. Beavers are known for building 
dams, canals, and lodges for their homes. They are the second-largest rodent in 
the world. Their colonies create one or more dams to provide still, deep water to 
protect against predators, and to float food and building material. The North 
American beaver population was once more than 60 million, but as of 1988 was 6–12 
million. This population decline is the result of extensive hunting for fur, for 
glands used as medicine and perfume, and because the beavers' harvesting of trees 
and flooding of waterways may interfere with other land uses.
Beavers, along with pocket gophers and kangaroo rats, are castorimorph rodents, a 
suborder of rodents mostly restricted to North America.
Beavers are known for their natural trait of building dams on rivers and streams, 
and building their homes, known as "lodges", in the resulting pond. Beavers also 
build canals to float building materials that are difficult to haul over land. 
They use powerful front teeth to cut trees and other plants that they use both for 
building and for food. In the absence of existing ponds, beavers must construct 
dams before building their lodges. First they place vertical poles, then fill 
between the poles with a crisscross of horizontally placed branches. They fill in 
the gaps between the branches with a combination of weeds and mud until the dam 
impounds sufficient water to surround the lodge.
They are known for their alarm signal. When startled or frightened, a swimming 
beaver will rapidly dive while forcefully slapping the water with its broad tail, 
audible over great distances above and below water. This serves as a warning to 
beavers in the area. Once a beaver has sounded the alarm, nearby beavers will dive 
and may not reemerge for some time. Beavers are slow on land, but are good 
swimmers, and can stay under water for as long as 15 minutes.
Beavers are herbivores, and prefer the wood of quaking aspen, cottonwood, willow, 
alder, birch, maple and cherry trees. They also eat sedges, pondweed, and water 

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Approximate Size at 3mm
L= 193
W = 64
H = 76
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L = 7.6
W = 2.5
H = 3
Approximate Size of Largest Part
5.5 X 2.5 inches
140 X 64 mm
Parts: 32

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