Bates Haunted House
Bates Haunted House
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A makeMZ ST original 3D puzzle
Halloween Item

Huge 39 page color assembly guide included

excellent quality detailed 3d puzzle model
can be cut on smaller footprint machines at .1250 or 3mm sheet thickness
approx 12 x12 inches at .1250

This model is not a doll house but could be modified to one. great for the spooky little prince

Norman Bates House

You have to ask yourself...What tells you that a house is spooky or
creepy or potentially haunted. Can you tell from the road or a nearby
parking lot? What about the inside? Is it in the darkness, the patina
or something innate to the house? Or is it current activity...Paranormal
or human? Is it just an atmosphere or ambiance? Do you fear something
will actually happen there, or is it just a place you don't want to be?
Or perhaps you want to be there to experience the "Thrill of It"?
Also, who lives there? Can you imagine Norman Bates living there? How
freaky would that actually be?
The Bates House...Sitting back in the woods, trees all around, looking
dilapidated and dark...what a creepy looking house! I think houses and
other buildings that sit back off the main road and especially if there
are no other buildings close by, and look like this house are spooky.
Houses shaded by trees year round with no sun to get through can be creepy
and more so if the house doesn't look kept up.
Yup! That's the Bates House...The perfect Haunted House to add to your
collection! Today! Collect it if you dare!

Comes in:

1/8th inch
1/4 inch
1/2 inch


Both clean Laser and filleted corner Router versions.

Comes with a 39 page Full Color Assembly Guide!

Copyright on this model allows you to make 50 copies then you must purchase another copy.
Commercial licenses available. Contact us!