Barony the Biplane
Barony the Biplane
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makeMZ Juniors Presents

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Julie Campbell's

Now with both Router and Laser Versions

Barony the Biplane

This little Biplane is a fixed wing aircraft with two superimposed main
wings. The wright brothers' Wright flyer used a Biplane design, as did most
aircraft in the early years of aviation. The biplane wing structure has a
structural advantage but does produce more drag than a monoplane wing. In a
Biplane aircraft, two wings are placed, one above the other. both provide part
of the lift. Biplanes usually have more manueverability resulting from their
shorter wingspan. Most successful early aircraft were Biplanes. Modern Biplane
designs now exist only in specialist niche roles and markets.
Purchase your Baroney the Biplane today and let your dreams sore!

This project is included in the Box of Toys
Volume One Set.


Below are Actual Assembled Laser Cut Models from our pattern as Proof of Concept!

We would like to thank Ylona for the Proof of Concept Images above!

Multiple scales in both metric and imperial for all sizes of CNC machine!
DXF and EPS files drawn from scratch using polylines and arcs for excellent quality!
Ideal for both Laser and CNC router as well as Scroll Saw or Plasma.
These Wonderful New to World Projects created by Julie Campbell/
For her first set in this series are made just for the young and the young at heart.
comes with a full color assembly guide in PDF format.

Add them to your 3D puzzle collection today!

Sizes Included:

Sizes are relevant to sheet thickness used to cut projects
as in 1/4 means use 1/4 inch thick ply or MDF or steel or Acrylic.
Sizes are exact on the slots for press fit tightness.
Great for Laser cutting as well as Routers. Please see our learning pages
for info on how to cut these projects if you are new to CNC.



  • 1.5mm DXF
  • 1.5mm EPS
  • 3mm DXF
  • 3mm EPS
  • 6mm DXF
  • 6mm EPS



  • 1/4 inch DXF
  • 1/4 inch EPS
  • 1/8 inch DXF
  • 1/8 inch EPS
  • 1/2 inch DXF
  • 1/2 inch EPS