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A makeCNC original 3D puzzle

This is a Very Amazing Puzzle with some Finely detailed work in it! 

This is another one of makeCNC's Wonderful Models!


Ready to cut downloadable Patterns and Projects for your CNC Router, Milling Machine, Plasma Cutter or Laser Machine and Scroll Saw in both Imperial Inch format as well as Metric size for the Global CNC Hobbyist.

Files include a Full Color Assembly Manual Copyright makeCNC!

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Armadillos are New World placental mammals with a leathery armor shell. 
Dasypodidae is the only surviving family in the order Cingulata, part of the 
superorder Xenarthra, along with the anteaters and sloths. The word armadillo 
means "little armored one" in Spanish. 
About 10 extant genera and 20 extant species of armadillo have been described, 
some of which are distinguished by the number of bands on their armor. Their 
average length is about 30 inches, including tail. The giant armadillo grows up to 
59 inches and weighs up to 130 pounds, while the pink fairy armadillo is a 
diminutive species, with an overall length of 5 to 6 inches. All species are 
native to the Americas, where they inhabit a variety of environments.
Like all other xenarthran lineages, armadillos originated in South America. Due to 
the continent's former isolation, they were confined there for most of the 
Cenozoic. The recent formation of the Isthmus of Panama allowed a few members of 
the family to migrate northward into southern North America by the early 
Pleistocene, as part of the Great American Interchange. Some of their much larger 
cingulate relatives, the pampatheres and glyptodonts, made the same journey.
Today, all extant armadillos species are still present in South America. They are 
particularly diverse in Paraguay where eleven species exist and surrounding areas. 
Many species are endangered. Some, including four species of Dasypus, are widely 
distributed over the Americas, whereas others, such as Yepes's mulita, are 
restricted to small ranges. Two species, the northern naked-tailed armadillo and 
nine-banded armadillo, are found in Central America; the latter has also reached 
the United States, primarily in the south-central states notably Texas, but with a 
range that extends as far east as South Carolina and Florida, and as far north as 
Nebraska and central Indiana. Their range has consistently expanded in North 
America over the last century due to a lack of natural predators.

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Hello and thanks for shopping with Makecnc!
These 3d puzzles are a downloadable product that have been made ready to cut on any CNC router or CNC laser machine.
They are supplied as ready-to-cut DXF vector files for CNC routers and EPS for CNC lasers machines.

Patterns may be scaled to the size you require for your material thickness using our Scale Calculator

CNC Routers Users ! Please See our Tutorial for information on dealing with Inside Corners and Dogbone Fillets

Each Zip File Includes:

2 or 4 CDR Files - Sizes you receive Depend on individual Product - usually in 1-8 and 3 mm and/or 1-4 and 6 mm Versions (Corel Draw Format for Laser)
2 or 4 DXF's - Sizes you receive Depend on individual Product -  usually in 1-8 and 3 mm and/or 1-4 and 6 mm Versions (For Most CAD Programs)
2 or 4 SVG - Sizes you receive Depend on individual Product - usually in 1-8 and 3 mm and/or 1-4 and 6 mm Versions  (Opens in Many CAD & Drawing Programs) 

Printable PDF Pattern  (For Scroll Saw Use)

1 X  Clear and Concise Color Assembly Manual.

1 X  Number Guide DXF (Also called Coded DXF - NOT in all Products - Only in Certain Products)

1 x Readme File and Copyright Information

1 X Product Notes -  Letting you know an Approximate Height, Length and Width of your finished product and giving the Approximate Size of the Largest Part.  These Approximations are given in Imperial and Metric. Remember, These are Approximate Sizes. 

Approximate Size at 3mm

L= 381
W = 127
H = 178
Approximate Size at 1/8 inch
L = 15
W = 5
H = 7
Approximate Size of Largest Part
7.3 X 2.6 inches
185 X 66 mm

NOTE: Our 3D Puzzles can be built in different thicknesses.
Example: 1/8" uses 1/8" Plywood...1/4" uses 1/4" Plywood, etc.
As a rule, although the slots are set to fit the same sized tool, most
people will use a smaller bit size when cutting.

All the hard work is done!

Makecnc is excited to bring to the CNC hobbyist a new and ever-expanding library of art and projects made ready-to-cut on your CNC machine!

You can either sell the cut out projects as your own product or assemble them for your own enjoyment and to give as gifts to your family and friends.

When you purchase a makeCNC pattern you are agreeing to our Copyright Terms. Please Click on the Link Below to View them! Thank You!