44 Magnum Smith & Wesson  (Rubberband Gun)
44 Magnum Smith & Wesson (Rubberband Gun)
Steve Travers
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makeMZST presents

The Dirty Harry 44 Magnum Rubberband Gun
by Smith & Wesson
with removable bullet chamber

While the .44 Magnum was very popular among shooters for many years after its introduction, it did not come to the attention of the general public until 1971, when it was prominently featured in the Clint Eastwood star-vehicle "Dirty Harry" (and its four sequels), which also used the Smith & Wesson Model
In one of the classic lines in cinema, Eastwood's character "Dirty" Harry Callahan describes his M29 as "the most powerful handgun in the world" in the 1971 film Dirty Harry. Although not strictly true (the more powerful wildcat .454 Casull was announced in 1959, the .44 Magnum was the most powerful then in production. Demand for the M29 skyrocketed, so much that the guns were selling for up to three times suggested retail price.
The .44 Magnum has continued to be associated with Callahan, including the line "Go ahead, make my day" in the 1983 film Sudden Impact

Color Assembly Guide Included

For Laser or Scroll Saw cutting.
Can be cut on CNC Router but some filing and or sanding will be required on inside corners.
Small router bits 1/16th will be needed.

This Gun from our designer Steve T does not need springs or Bolts nut or screws to make
just cut glue and assmeble and you are ready to go

comes in four scales both metric and inch
1/4 inch  and 6mm 1/8th and 3mm
also files for CNCRouter version with Dogbone fillets

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