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The Best Little CNC Project and Pattern Shop on the Net !

We provide Downloadable Patterns, Software, Hardware and other content for Laser Cutters, CNC Routers, Plasma, WaterJets, CNC Milling Machines,and other Robotic Tools. We also provide our Pattern Files in PDF format for Scroll Saw Users. We are known for our Friendly and Efficient Customer Service and we provide New Patterns and Content Frequently.



NOTE:  If you need patterns that are in Scroll Saw PDF Version just email us after purchase and let us know that you need PDF Version and we'll email them to you. 

Check out Stu's Latest Blog on our Voyager Space Craft project then come back and take a look at our amazing History of Spaceflight Series perfect for your educational classes and for Space enthusiasts some really Cool models in this series of patterns.

New Releases for Plasma !! also see our plasma page for several new sets of Plasma patterns

Announcing a new collaberation between makeCNC and Stu's Shed Woodworking Blog

Check out Stu's Xmas in July Blog at the link but don't forget to hit the back button when you want to come back and browse our site !!!


Below is another Great Video from Stu showing our new Australian Animal Series!

Don't forget to check out Stu's Blog for lots of Great woodworking info and CNC ideas!

Stuart will be making all sorts of new products from makeCNC and showing you how on his blog and in videos to get the best out of your CNC Router and the makeCNC extensive collection of projects in our downloadable pattern library !


NEW from the makeCNC Team!

Please ask if you have any model railway patterns you would like made. Some very simple patterns can be as low as $30 to custom make.

Also ask about our custom 3D puzzle pattern design costs. If we can sell the pattern on our store we can work as low as $60 per pattern! If you want exclusive ownership prices are much higher but we can make whatever you desire into a 3D Laser or CNC Router Pattern.

Just drop us a line! All custom work requires full payment up front. We Deliver and We Stand by our work !

Average three week turn around time but we try to get it done sooner !

CardBoard ...FoamBoard ? 

We have had requests from several customers who tell us we should be informing you all that you can, in fact, make our patterns using just an exacto knife and foamboard or cardboard. You can import them into the free inkscape drawing software and print out the parts at any scale you choose using our scale calculator for any thickness of board you are cutting the parts from. So our patterns are open to not only those of you who have CNC tools or laser cutters but now are available to anyone can make a cool 3D puzzle or model from a makeCNC digital project pattern.

Don't forget to check out our NEW RELEASES  page to see what's new from Julie, Paul and the makeCNC Workshops Design Team.

Please browse around and enjoy your visit to

We are Pleased to announce our New Super 7 Mega Pack that Replaces the old megapack product with even more Value than before. All seven volumes of our standard 3D puzzle patterns are included. The best Value by far if you are thinking of starting a business with your CNC Router or Laser Cutter or even Scroll Saw. Many Schools Fablabs, Maker Spaces and Educational Groups have already purchased our products individually but now we offer by far the least expensive option to get a large library of patterns and templates for an amazing price!!! makeCNC sells its products at affordable prices to start with, but we want you to still be able to afford it after your big investment into your Robotic Tool and this is our way of allowing you to have fun without breaking the bank but still getting a High Quality set of Products and, if needed,  Personal and Fast customer support.  Just click the banner below to check out this Amazing new offer from the makeCNC workshops!

Here are just a few examples of our wonderful collection of Mansion Doll house patterns and templates for your Laser cutter or CNC Router. These Houses can be made as miniatures or cut out to full size playable Doll Houses. Each Mansion is unique with hundreds of hours of work in each Design!

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Rubberband Guns

Check out our New Weapons and War department for the Rubberband Guns and many more new military and siege weapons that actually work as well as many military based static model patterns!

The civil war cannon actually fires a wood projectile and is powered by a rubberband!

Elastic powered model cannon plans

All standard makeCNC Projects and Patterns include both laser cutter and CNC Router ready versions of files in both metric and imperial scales and all our 3D Puzzle products have clean CAD drawings with closed vectors and accurate slots as well as color assembly guides.

bird cage plans cnc laser scrollsaw

Our elegant Bird cage laser cutting pattern is a truly inspiring pattern it comes with  DXF files that allow most parts to be cut on your CNC or Laser cutter but you can always substitute a wood dowel for the stand if you want.

makeCNC is now also proud to introduce our new Plasma cutting patterns while you can still plasma cut most of our other patterns as they are from plate steel these new Plasma optomized patterns are made ready for Plasma cutting at metric and imperial sheet metal gauges with small medium and large scale for small to huge steel 3D metal sculptures and we are adding new patterns every week so check back often in the Plasma section of our website and the Plasma cutting New releases page. Information on what is included in the Plasma files is available in the Plasma cutting area of the website just click the option in the menus at the top of the page or left menu and right buttons you see on the homepage.

Scroll Saw users will be happy to the see the addition of a printable PDF version option with many of our patterns for glueing to wood and cutting out. We are adding many new PDF options to our pattern library every week as quickly as we can get them converted if you want somthing special email us and we will try to get it converted for you the same day and emailed right out. If you want to purchase the PDF version just choose that option when you add to cart.

We have been told by many of our customers that our instruction guides alone are worth the price of our projects. You have found the Best Place on the Internet to find Inexpensive, High Quality CNC Projects and Patterns for your enjoyment !

Check out our New Releases pages and don't forget to browse the makeMZ section for exclusive designs from the team at makeCNC. We have many areas of the site with 3D Puzzles, not just one area so be sure to look around the whole store to discover all sorts of projects and patterns for your enjoyment.

wood horse plans laser cut


Check out these amazing new Horse patterns in different poses and also set ready for our New Stage Coach DXF patterns!

Scale Calculator

Here's what our customers Ron and Janette Ford have to say about the Scale calculator...
"Your Scale Calculator is fantastic.
I was making a sample of the 6mm Boxer and decided that this model was too big for a desktop.
Using your calculator I scaled down to a thickness of 5mm.
After a few attempts at this, using Corel Draw 4, I did a sample cut and it turned out to be exactly 5mm.
This thickness produces a far more suitable size for a desktop pen holder,  In my opinion."

New to makeCNC many of our patterns are now being converted over to easily Printable PDF format for Scroll saw users who would like to stick them onto plywood or MDF and cut them out see the Scoll Saw pages on the left Menu.

Our CNC 3D puzzles and other CNC projects and patterns are very popular and have been used by hundreds of customers all over the world with good results and most of all they are easy to use and assemble with great assembly guides included with every project.

These Projects come with both DXF and EPS files to allow use on both CNC router tools Laser Cutters, Plasma Cutters or any other type of CNC machine you can think of. Included in every Project Set are both Metric and Imperial sizes ready for the Global user. Its simple. A 1/4" DXF size means you use a 1/8 inch tool with 1/4" sheet material and you are ready to go!

We also use Vectrics Vcarve Pro software to test toolpaths and export EPS files and DXF's for the greatest compatibility across platforms as our customers use many types of CAM software to create their toolpaths.

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Kentucky house

this Program ROCKS !